Happy Workplace Wellness Day!

To mark this important day, the team at McNulty Performance put our heads together and came up with some simple and cost effective ideas for any organisation to celebrate their employees’ wellness everyday!

  • Outdoor meeting – if the rain stays away, take your meeting to the great outdoors and make decisions while achieving your daily step goal.
  • Take 5 – Encourage your team to take a 5 minute break throughout the day to go for a brisk walk, to meditate or to read a book.
  • Fuel –Why not provide fresh fruit and smoothies in the morning? Order a healthy lunch for your team? Or organise a team pot luck?
  • Calm the Commute –Send out an amazing podcast that will inform and educate your team on the importance of wellbeing in the workplace. Make your journey into work productive by learning some new tips and tricks. We recommend our Pura Vida podcast!
  • Pay it forward –Take the opportunity to do something kind for someone else. Make a colleague a cup of tea, make a donation to charity or check in with someone and see how they are coping with their work/life balance.

To learn more about our Wellbeing Programmes and how they can add value to the members of your organisation, contact us via hello@mcnultyperformance.com